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Church specialists

We understand the complexity of church bookkeeping, and the difficulties of church payroll. And we know what a struggle it is for volunteers to manage church finances.

Church Finance from start to finish. It’s our speciality.


Ministry minded

Good numbers are great, but gospel growth is probably where your heart and passion lie. We want to free up you and your team by ensuring:

  • Smooth, efficient financial processes
  • Meaningful and practical financial reports
  • Strategic financial thinking to help you avoid your blind spots and focus on your strengths

Client focused

Every client is special to us, from the smallest church plant to well-established congregations. As your partner, we value:

  • Understanding where you’re at, and knowing exactly where you want to get to
  • Being attentive to your concerns and sorting out issues that affect you
  • Growing together with you for the short and long term
team based

Team based

Our team brings together a collective of skills and experience that we put to work for you. Having a team approach means that from us you have:

  • More than one mind on the job
  • Backup and review
  • In depth knowledge of church best practices and solutions

Action ready

When you are ready for help, we are ready to get started. We’re not just about planning and strategy (though we love these!), we’re also about doing. Our team is at your service for:

  • Regular full-service processing, reporting and review
  • One-off, partial, or temporary help (including setup, backlog and training)
  • Strategy and advice, regular or project-based

Flexibly integrated

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to what services we deliver to you. You may well have local resources that will still be doing various aspects of your accounts. We welcome this opportunity to partner in with your local team, meaning:

  • You’re making effective use of local support
  • You’re not paying for what you don’t need
  • You’re getting the exact help you’re after

Technology diverse

We see technology as a tool, not a tyrant. So, we use software and apps strategically to achieve efficiency and results for our clients. But we’re not locked-in to any particular setup, so we can:

  • Work in with your existing setup and software
  • Help you transition to new systems as your needs change
  • Introduce innovative and effective options to you that will make it even easier for you and your team to focus more time on ministry and growing your congregation

Security proactive

Cloud-based software is a wonderfully efficient reality of modern business. And while we enjoy the many benefits, we also take care to ensure we maintain:

  • Cloud best practice and backup processes
  • Quality security procedures across the whole team
  • Clear Privacy and Data Breach policies
Network Partnered

Network partnered

As a well-established business we enjoy wonderful, collaborative relationships with other like-minded services. And it’s always a pleasure to share our network contacts when the appropriate need comes up. For you this means:

  • A trusted resource to turn to for related referrals
  • Direct introductions to quality contacts in key areas like church administration or audit
  • A wider network outside our team
cfc-qoute-copy copy

I know I can always 100% rely on Ed and the team! They always provide accurate and efficient service with incredible patience and kindness. I trust Exdia completely and am so thankful for their work and support.

Samantha Jensen, Virtual Church Assist

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