Church bookkeeping. Church payroll.
Church financial management.
From start to finish.

Church bookkeeping. Church payroll.
Church financial management.
From start to finish.

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Better decisions

“Plans are established by seeking advice …”
(Proverbs 20:18a, NIV)

We're here to help make your church's financial situation easy for leaders to grasp, and to assist you with payroll and financial management that makes this happen.

Jess is anxious. She took the church treasurer role earlier in the year, and each month she feels a growing, gnawing fear about the responsibility.

With her own full-time job, the complexity of the church finance work is starting to wear on her. She doesn’t want to let her pastor down, but it’s getting too much. She’s feeling out of her depth.

By the time she processes all the bills and payroll, she barely has any energy to get her head around the figures or the backlog of other bookwork. She’s aware that important decisions are being delayed because the information isn’t available, and she’s worried about difficult questions coming her way.

She doesn’t want the pastoral team to suffer with poor information, but no one else is volunteering.

Jess is looking for help to get her head above water.


Being responsible to make church finance decisions can be taxing and time-consuming:

  • Church accounts can easily get backlogged or become unreliable
  • Finance team lacks clarity because figures are confusing
  • Church is treasurer overwhelmed, frustrated or anxious
  • Battling with mistrust and negative feedback
  • Running out of time and volunteers, but there is still so much work to be done
  • Non-compliance with ATO requirements
  • Pastoral and ministry team “in the dark” on financial situation and what needs to be done

All this leads to difficult questions:

  • How can we make good financial decisions for our church if we can’t see what’s really going on?
  • How can we ensure that urgent and important tasks get done when we don’t necessarily have the time or experience to do everything?

We offer you a practical solution to these problems:

  • Regular, reliable processing of your bookkeeping and accounts
  • Experienced handling of your payroll, superannuation and minister’s allowances
  • Preparation and management of your ATO compliance like BAS, Single Touch Payroll and PAYG

So that your treasurer and finance team can experience:

  • The peace of having a clear way to make the processing of the accounts achievable
  • The freedom to make good decisions with the correct information each month
  • Stability in financial management during times of change and handover
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I was overwhelmed, anxious, and confused with the thought of getting the church books done each month. After finding Ed and Exdia, stress has become a thing of the past. They were able to manage us to become ATO compliant in BAS, PAYG and STP systems. Ed and the team always provide us with timely and friendly service. They always put us at ease and make doing the books hassle-free.

Elizabeth Stark – St Mark’s Anglican Church West Wollongong

Building disciples

"… go and make disciples of all nations …"
(Matthew 28:19, partial, NIV)

By streamlining financial administration, we want to free uptime for your ministry team and reduce unnecessary distractions.

Josh is struggling with unexpected frustration. It’s complicated, but as a pastor he feels pulled in directions that detract from his ministry vision.

And one piece of the puzzle is the amount of time and attention he’s giving to finances.

Trying to understand what the complicated figures mean for his team. Trying to be patient in getting volunteers for financial roles. Trying to manage competing pressures and opinions on financial matters. Trying to pitch in where he can without feeling resentful.

Josh doesn’t want to be despondent, but he’s finding it hard. He’s tired and ready to hear options.

Josh is looking for more time and insight to focus on gospel growth.

Meeting Of Bible Study Group

As a pastor, you want to do ministry. And you want your people to be focussed on doing ministry. But church money matters can sometimes detract from a gospel focus:

  • Church financial management that doesn’t connect well with the reality of church life and ministry
  • Conflicts and hidden agendas draining resources from evangelism
  • Time-poor leaders feeling close to burn-out, but still having to attend to financial matters
  • Struggling to find and train the right people for church finance, as it is often a position associated with high stress and turnover

The impact on pastors and leaders can be significant:

  • How will this affect my family, my health, my ministry?
  • Will we start losing people from ministry roles, or even from our church?

We are here to help you focus the bulk of your efforts on ministry by:

  • Giving a simple, easy, impartial view of your church finances
  • Implementing meaningful budgeting and reporting so that you can make better-informed ministry decisions
  • Supporting and integrating with your church treasurer and finance/admin team to reduce training time, minimise turnover, and provide continuity when someone leaves or goes on holidays
  • Freeing up time and headspace for gospel work

We want to ensure that your pastors and leaders can focus on ministry with minimal financial distraction.

Small group
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As a church planter, I have enough on my plate without learning the ins and outs of church finances! Exdia completely set up our financial management professionally and affordably – leaving me able to focus on ministry, confident our finances are in order.

Liam Doyle, Lake Mac Evangelical Church

Boosting donations

“You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion …”
(2 Corinthians 9:11a, NIV)

We want to help foster a positive trust and confidence amongst your members and team, with dependable processes and helpful information.

Jim can feel a crisis coming on. He’s been on the church board long enough to know that the financial vision isn’t clear, and serious cash problems could be just around the corner. But he doesn’t have the figures and forecasts he needs to show him clearly where things are heading.

Deeper than that, Jim is worried about a vague sense of detachment from the congregation. People are struggling to connect their personal giving with the vision of the church, and donations are down.

It’s hard for Jim to nail down how this has happened, but he sees the effects. And his concern now extends to staff – having to let someone go distresses him, especially if better insight and planning could give more time.

Jim is looking for a fresh approach, one that helps builds vision and generosity.

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Getting clarity around church revenue and available funds is crucial. But perhaps your experience has not been ideal - does it feel as if you are:

  • Always playing catch-up and can’t work out why?
  • Often caught out unexpectedly short of funds and therefore thrust into financial crisis?
  • Sensing an undercurrent of mistrust or disconnection that may be affecting people’s motivation to give?
  • Battling old legacy revenue models that aren’t helping to encourage giving?

The resulting uncertainty may be all too familiar. You may be left with more questions than you have answers which makes it difficult to grow donations at your church:

  • Are we running out of funds without realising … and then needing to let staff go with very little notice?
  • How can we gain a clarity and foster a culture that motivates giving?

We will work with you to:

  • Implement a clear, impactful revenue model and strategy
  • Develop a consistent, balanced approach to maintaining financial reserves
  • Regularly analyse financial viability and raise “red flags” so you have time to pre-empt problems by putting the right strategies in place
  • Integrate tools and processes that inspire your team and congregation to give
  • Clearly present the financial “big picture” so it ties in with your vision and helps you achieve your goals to grow your ministry
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We have loved working with Exdia. They have set up some great structures that allow us to see the current state of our finances and cash flow, and that helps us make better informed financial decisions as we budget to pursue our vision. They are quick, reliable and responsive to our needs.

Chris Ekins – Coast EC

Scenarios depicted on this site have been created for non-identifying illustrative and communicative purposes, based on a vast range of experiences and conversations

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