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What do your church members want to know about church finances?
We suggest 3 Areas that is Stewardship, Ministry or Mission, Cashflow.
Are your church reports giving you “straight talk”?
Are they helping you and not hindering you in your understanding and your decision-making?
Bank Reconciliation in Church
Have you considered why your bank reconciliation is so important to your church?
Church bookkeeping is an upstream function
Church bookkeeping is an upstream function. What does that mean?
JobKeeper extension for your church – 7 steps
JobKeeper extension is here, what are the key things you need to consider for your church? This video guides you through 7 key elements - from [...]
My all time favorite tip when using cloud software
We have something a bit more light-hearted for this post. Having used cloud-based software for many years, and for many, many hours a week, this [...]
7 steps to finalise your church Single Touch Payroll (STP)
It’s time to finalise your church’s Single Touch Payroll for the year, but where do you start and what do you do? It’s a new system, and this [...]
How to record JobKeeper income in your church accounts
You’ve received JobKeeper income in your church, but you are not sure how to record this income into your church accounting software. Perhaps [...]

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