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Choosing an accounting software for your church?
If you're thinking about accounting software for your church, here's a few simple pointers.
Getting started with your church bookkeeping
If you are just getting started with church accounts, these quick tips might interest you.
A few thoughts about your church record-keeping
Having a good record-keeping system may help reduce your anxiety and time spent during audit time.
Why do we need a bank reconciliation?
A bank reconciliation may sound tedious but consider the value that this process has to your church
3 approaches to church budgeting
There are many different ways to approach your church budgeting process..
Automation in your church accounts - does it help or hinder?
When you do your church's bank reconciliation in a modern software,
Is this the biggest cash flow mistake your church is making?
When we want to see how our church cashflow is travelling,
What do your church members want to know about church finances
There’s two things we don’t want to do, we don’t want to be dumping so much information on people that it’s overwhelming, and doesn’t make sense.

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