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Your headspace

“When your capacity to lead your business is suffering…”

Wayne is struggling, and not sure where to turn. He started his home renovation business a year ago, full of enthusiasm. But lately it feels like he’s getting smacked around by one thing after another.

He’s been wanting to grow his business with an offsider or two. But everything seems so complicated. The amount of time he’s spent trying to understand it all is really getting to him. He’s wants to keep everything above board, but didn’t expect it to be so stressful.

And that’s on top of the day to day running of his books which he’s desperately trying to manage. Quotes, invoices, bills, chasing money …consuming his time more than he ever imagined.

But what’s adding the pressure is that Wayne is spending less and less time with his young family. It’s eating him up and he’s not sure how long he can keep going at this level of busyness. Something has to give, but he’s not sure what.

It’s time for real change and Wayne is looking for help.

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SW Bookkeeping C

Being a business owner in Western Sydney can be overwhelming and time-consuming:

  • You’re trying to get on with it, but there’s so much distracting you, and you’re not geared up for it
  • Your business accounts become backlogged and unreliable
  • You’re frustrated and annoyed by hours spent in the books that feels like dead time
  • You are tired of even more time you spend fixing mistakes, compounding your pain
  • No matter how much you do, the amount to be done just seems to grow
  • You are heavily burdened by a gnawing worry about your ATO compliance
  • Your family is starting cop the side-effects of what you’re going through

All this leads you to difficult questions:

  • How can I grow my business when I’m constantly dragged down by bookkeeping and payroll tasks?
  • Where can I find help that’s really going to make a difference to me and my family?
Different people young and aged multinational employees sitting around table in conference modern room discussing further cooperation or studying with middle aged instructor experienced business coach.

We offer you a practical solution to these problems:

  • Regular, reliable processing of your bookkeeping (no matter how big or small)
  • Experienced handling of your payroll and superannuation
  • Preparation and management of your ATO activity statement and compliance like GST, PAYG and Single Touch Payroll

So that you can experience:

  • The peace of having a clear way to make your time demands more manageable
  • The freedom to focus your time on your areas of strength, skill and passion
  • Stability in your bookkeeping and payroll management in times of change and handover
SW Bookkeeping D

The business owners of Sydney’s West don’t need fluff and bubbles and a hard sell. They need real help that makes a real difference.

Sydney West Bookkeeping

Your team

"… When your people need to focus and grow …"

SW Bookkeeping J

Wendy loves her team, but she’s worried. Something’s not right – well a couple of things actually – and it’s been bothering her.

Wendy’s team is super dedicated to her, but she knows she’s been letting them down. As Wendy has been trying to grow her business, she’s been passing more and more financial and admin tasks to her staff. This has been great for Wendy’s time, but her team are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated trying to keep up with tasks they weren’t hired or qualified for.

Not only that, but Wendy knows the pays haven’t been right. She’s always late getting them processed, and worse she’s really concerned whether she’s getting the basics right and square.

Wendy can see that a bookkeeping and payroll specialist would be great, but doesn’t have the funds to invest in another staff member. Setting up a workspace, worker’s compensation, onboarding, training, superannuation – all costs that sound like a big risk.

So, Wendy feels stuck. She wants to get the benefit for her workers of having complex bookkeeping and payroll done, but doesn’t want to break the bank.

Wendy is looking for a way to help her team that’s easy and makes good economic sense.

SW Bookkeeping E
SW Bookkeeping F

As a Sydney West business owner, you want to get quality bookkeeping and payroll help for your team without costing an arm and a leg, but this can prove to be difficult:

  • You know an investment needs to be made, but you’re not sure of the best way forward
  • The option that looks obvious (hiring a new staff member) seems financially unviable and risky for you
  • You can do it yourself, but economically that may cripple your business growth even further
  • Taking no action (just continuing as-is) can lead you and your team to being in a rut, and feeling that it’s a hopeless situation

The effects on business owners and teams can be significant:

  • What is the ongoing impact to me and my team (and to our health and families) of being stuck in this cycle of frustration?
  • Is there a way forward that makes good economic sense for me?
Young Intern Receives Feedback from Colleagues

We are here to help you navigate an affordable, economic way forward by:

  • Providing you a personalised, offsite, bookkeeping and payroll package that suits your exact business needs
  • Taking away the headache of recruiting and training a new hire for this specialised function
  • Giving you access to our experienced team, with no on-costs like worker’s compensation, workspace set up, superannuation, etc
  • Offering you the flexibility to scale services as your business changes, with no lock-in contracts

We want to ensure that as a business owner, your investment in quality bookkeeping and payroll makes absolutely good sense for your team, your business, and for you personally.

SW Bookkeeping G

Valued, focussed and productive teams are of great benefit to Western Sydney businesses.

Sydney West Bookkeeping

Your future

“When your vision is foggy and confusing …”

A portrait of a senior smiling businessman during  a meeting and presentation in the office. Business concept

Wilson is on the verge of a crisis. Well … he thinks he is but he’s not sure. The truth is for the last decade Wilson has been running his business finances by a lick and a promise … and it’s starting to catch up with him.

It hit him hard last year when he thought he had a good bank balance, but had forgotten some major liabilities that ate it all up.

What hurt Wilson even more was that a couple of large projects had bitten him unexpectedly by making a loss. Wilson started to seriously question whether his ad-hoc approach to figures was going to be his undoing.

Wilson is painfully aware that if he doesn’t get a good picture of his numbers, his business could become just another statistic.

Wilson is ready for some simple, effective business reporting that will help him make good plans and decisions.

SW Bookkeeping H
SW Bookkeeping I


Getting clarity around business revenue and available funds is crucial to you as a Western Sydney business owner. But does it feel as if you are:

  • Always playing catch up and can’t work out why?
  • Often caught unexpectedly short of funds and therefore at odds with suppliers and staff?
  • Not aware of upcoming liabilities and how they will affect you?
  • Struggling with old ways of managing your finances that aren’t working any more?

The resulting uncertainty may be all too familiar. You may be left with more questions than you have answers which makes it difficult to see ahead:

  • Is my business running out of funds, but I just can’t see it clearly?
  • How can I be on the front foot to know how my finances are going?

We will work with you to:

  • Develop a consistent, balanced approach to keeping track of your financial reserves
  • Get real, helpful, regular reporting into your hands so you can identify “red flags” and put strategies in place
  • Integrate the “back office” functions of your bookkeeping, payroll and BAS with the operations of your business
  • Help you as the owner of your business to keep your finger on the financial pulse

So you can experience:

  • Seeing clearly what is actually happening in your business (not just fluffy or old information)
  • Making decisions and setting goals that tie in with a known financial picture
SW Bookkeeping J

When you’re out in the west working hard, you want to see the results. And to see this clearly, the numbers have to be real, complete and up to date.

Sydney West Bookkeeping

Scenarios depicted on this site have been created for non-identifying illustrative and communicative purposes, based on a vast range of experiences and conversations

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